Why invest in SEZL

Sufficient Workforce

There is no shortage of efficient workers in the nearby rural and suburban areas. So picking the quality skilled workers at a reasonable cost can be influential for the project area's human capital intensive industries. This will be further augmented by The Academy.

Tactful Location

Situated beside the Jamuna river with a 4 km frontage, SEZL is close to the central geographic location, which means the entirety of Bangladesh can be served from this location.

Abundant Agro-Based Raw Materials

The entire North Bengal region is renowned as the agricultural hub of Bangladesh. So it is inevitable that there is no scarcity of the agricultural raw materials to serve different industrial purposes in the project area.

Effective Land Agreement Options

Subject to availability, SEZL allows investors to buy clean title lands, unlike most other economic zones. This offer is available for both local investors as well as local and foreign joint ventures. Besides, they can also prefer the lease option with a long-term agreement of up to 50 years.

CBSE Support

Comprehensive Business Support Ecosystem (CBSE) is implemented in SEZL to provide top-notch service to the investors. From Human resource management to the necessary details of business operation, all the support requirements are provided through a business support ecosystem, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

Availability Of Surface Water

Located at the bank of Jamuna River, surface water is available in the area to use around the year. The quality of low mineral fresh water is ensured due to the fact that there is no industrialization upstream. This presents a unique scenario where the ground water table gets replenished constantly and the surface water is of favourable quality.

Human Resource Academy

To train the inexperienced & semi-skilled workers, a Human Resource Academy will be built up to nurture them. After the training – that will include curriculum as required by the investors – they will be provided grades according to their performance to make them compatible for industrial works from where the investors can handpick their workforce based on the sophisticated grading system that also offer career history of each individual.

Adequate Water, Gas & Electricity

Connected to the national grid located just beside the 1150 MW National Power project, the electricity supply in SEZL is redundant and uninterruptible. Also, a gas switching station is available in front of the site to offer incessant gas supply. Located at the Bank of the Jamuna River – which is one of the country’s largest water bodies, with no upstream industrialization – the abundance of fresh water is next to none.

One Stop Service (OSS)

BEZA understands the introduction of One Stop Service (OSS) can attract so many local and foreign investors by creating a convenient business environment in the SEZL project area. On account of that, BEZA offers a wide range of one stop customer service options to persuade more investors in SEZL.