Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

SEZL is enriched with four different types of utility services which are sustainable, convenient and competitive at the same time.


The national grid will be utilized to provide nonstop electricity in the project area. An 1150 MW power station also remains as an alternative option to the national grid in any unanticipated case.


Because of being located beside the Jamuna river, SEZL area is facilitated with abundant surface water from the colossal water source. So the investors will be allowed to utilize such an enormous amount of high quality water in their industries.

Natural Gas

A gas switching station is ready to be used at any time to serve the purpose of operating various industrial works in the SEZL area. That will fulfil the demand for natural gas in all the factories of SEZL at competitive rates.


A state-of-the-art Common Effluent Treatment Plan (CETP) will connect with all the plots of the project area. Also, SEZL authority will offer an incredible facility to the investors to dispose of industrial wastes produced from their industries.

Some other facilities and services in SEZL include:

  • Provision of industrial plot by direct purchase, or short/ long term lease;
  • Provision of the ready factory for sale or long-term lease with full compliance;
  • Industrial plot long-term or short-term lease;
  • Central fire-fighting facilities;
  • Dormitory and housing facilities for employees;
  • Provision of hotels/ accommodation with 5 star/ equivalent facilities;
  • One-stop administrative and logistic facilities (Registration, licensing. NOC, VISA processing etc);
  • Health care facilities;
  • Day care centres;
  • Commercial facilities like financial institutions, retail shops, restaurants, recreation centres, amusement parks etc.
  • Technical institutions/ universities to educate skilled manpower, technicians, executives, and engineers;
  • Standard Factory building and office space renting equipped with shared and networked workstations;
  • Value added services like advertising, market analysis, recruitment outsourcing, logistic, insurance, transportation;
  • Central Information and Communication Technology (ITC) Zone