Connectivity & Transportation

4D Transportation System

For an easeful movement, four different mediums of transportation can be utilized to establish connectivity between Sirajganj and the rest of the world. Such a versatile transportation system will save both time & cost for the investors. 


Sirajganj is approx.107km away from Dhaka by road. Also, the N4 4 Lane National Highway keeps it connected with other parts of the country.

Moreover, the area is located at a crucial trade gateway between Bangladesh & India. Sirajganj is also connected to the land ports of Nepal & Bhutan through Banglabandha as well as to Assam and Meghalaya through Sylhet. And most importantly, it is centrally located to Mongla & Chittagong sea port.


Sirajganj is lying on the Jamuna river which can introduce a private jetty facility. So the cargos will be allowed to be ferried by the river water to both Chittagong port & India. According to the Indo-Bangla bilateral agreement, this is an international riverine route for year-round dredging and usage.

In addition, SEZL is located at a similar distance of about 300 km from both Mongla & Chittagong sea port to facilitate water transportation.


A Railway ICD has been finalized close to the site to make a convenient rail path. The proposed rail network is connected to Mongla & Chittagong sea port. It also links Sirajganj with Seven Sisters & West Bengal of India.


Dhaka International Airport, situated at 107km distance from Sirajganj will be helpful to ship perishable products and readymade garments. However, additional construction work is taking place to expand the airport for convenient cargo passage. The initiative will come in handy to export various goods produced from SEZL by air.