1. Continuous GDP Growth

    Ranked 39th worldwide with 8.2% GDP rate in 2019, Bangladesh has made a major advancement in the economic sector.

  2. Strategic Location

    The location of Bangladesh in South Asia makes it very convenient for any successful industrial venture.

  3. Energetic Manpower

    Bangladesh has produced a vast number of skilled workforce in recent years who are prepared for diversified industrial activities.

Overview of Sirajganj Economic Zone Limited (SEZL)

Sirajganj Economic Zone Limited is the largest Economic Zone to become the driving force of sustainable development in Bangladesh. The project will play an indispensable role in generating a wide range of employment opportunities as well as production activities in the Northern part of Bangladesh. It has got all the potential to contribute to the country’s industrial development.


Key points of SEZL:

  • This is the largest &  well-planned private economic zone
  • It’s located in a well-populated area and thus local employment opportunity can be created
  • It confirms lucrative location which is important for potential investors
  • It ensures strong communication network
  • It upholds highest level of services


To become the driving force of sustainable development of Bangladesh.


To promote investment scope and entrepreneurship opportunities through sustainable industrialization and to create meaningful scopes of employment.

Core Values

  • Strive to achieve the highest levels of service to end users
  • Exemplary professionalism and work ethics
  • Work as a team to achieve organizational and individual goals
  • Respect our people and work towards developing them
  • Realize the higher cause that we are working and act accordingly
  • Work efficiently and empower our people

Sustainability Initiatives

The sustainable elements conceived in the concept plan include use of eco-friendly materials, recyclable material, avoidance of toxic chemicals, usage of environment friendly products, waste minimization technologies, scientific treatment of waste and energy recovery possibilities to reduce power consumption etc. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sirajganj Economic Zone Limited (SEZL) management is always eager to help the project-oriented people to improve their socio-economic condition. For this reason, SEZL has taken the following measures:

1. Warm Cloth Distributions

SEZL authority distributed warm clothes & blankets to the rural people living in the project areas of Rajapur and Sayedabad Union of Sirajganj District on several occasions.

2. Relief Distributions

SEZL authority allotted relief goods on various occasions for the flood affected people of Sirajganj.

3. Rehabilitation of families

753 families dwelling in the project land received compensations for their lands, houses, trees and crops. SEZL has also taken a rehabilitation program with 50 acres of plot area for each to provide urban facilities like:

  • Educational institutions (primary and high school)
  • Market and Commercial Area
  • Place of worship
  • Graveyard
  • Community Centre
  • Internal Road
  • Surface water source
  • Health Centre