Why Invest in Bangladesh

Continuous GDP

Ranked 39th worldwide with 8.2% GDP rate in 2019, Bangladesh has made a major advancement in the economic sector.


The location of Bangladesh in South Asia makes it very convenient for any successful industrial venture.

Cost-efficient Human Resource

Compared to the manpower of other industrially enriched countries, managing Bangladesh's workforce is much more cost-effective.


Bangladesh has produced a vast number of skilled workforce in recent years who are prepared for diversified industrial activities.

Outstanding Government Initiatives

The Bangladesh government has taken major business and infrastructure development ventures recently to bring an industrial revolution in the country.

Notable Trade

Bangladesh has successfully maintained multiple effective trade agreements such as Pakistan-Bangladesh Free Trade Agreement, Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, South Asian Free Trade Area, and many more.

Convenient Foreign Investment Scopes

The FDI of Bangladesh is escalating at a high rate with 3.6 USD Billion as calculated in 2018. That makes Bangladesh reliable to the foreign investors to set up their business here.

Successful Implementation of Economic Zone

Ranked second worldwide as RMG producers, Bangladesh has a successful track record to operate eight Economic Zones in total, in the form of EPZs.